Date: 28/09/2023
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Re-leaf Whitland

How it works: Fill out the form below. Return it to Kevin Stack via email ( by December 15, 2018. Kevin will arrange for Mike Ridings of Lawnscapes to contact you to install your tree(s) a next few weeks. For all trees planted within 20 feet of the sidewalk, WANA will write you a check for $50.00 per tree. It is that simple! Step-by-step instructions below.  Double click on the line below.

/files/2728/File/Re-Leaf Whitland Tree Ordering Form 11-28-18.pdf

Print out the form and complete it. If you have the capability to scan the completed form on your computer you can then give the file a name and email it to Kevin as shown on the form. Otherwise you will need to drop it off at Kevin's House at 219 Carden Ave.



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