Date: 25/09/2023
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Whitland Area Neighborhood Association Message 3/20/2020

Dear WANA Neighbors,

COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on the world and our country.  If you are an older member of our community and feel that you could use some assistance, whether simply taking trash cans out and back or you have more urgent needs like the dropping off of food, please consider this Google groups as a forum in which you can reach out for help.  Our community has shown time again that we are there to help one another, and the Google Group could function as a way to match those needing help and those able to do so.  Find the and select Whitland.   If you have not registered yet then go to, click on the Google Group tab, and fill in the required information. Your request will be approved and you can then post information on the Google Group. The Google Group is for Whitland Residents only.

 Best regards

    Steve Curnutte, President, Whitland Area Neighborhood Association 


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