Date: 30/09/2023
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Friday Fun For WANA Friends

 Next Friday on June 12th, WANA has arranged for two food trucks to come to the top of Carden Ave. at Whitland Ave from 4:30 to 7:30.

Califarmia fresh California cuisine using local ingredients will provide the main food.  Califarmia uses a web based link for its orders and payments (credit cards only) that can be ordered a few days in advance or during its time at Carden on Friday evening.

Bradley’s Creamery will provide ice cream for dessert. Bradley’s also has a link that will be provided and they will accept walk up orders and cash/credit cards. 




WANA has arranged this event for your convenience. Hopefully it will be fun and yummy, and we continue to encourage social distancing.  This event is a pickup, maybe mingle a little, and take home your dinner/dessert situation. We look forward to this fun option next Friday. 

Steve Curnettte, WANA Steering Committee Chair




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