Saturday, 2 June 2018
Details About the 4th of July Event

Dear Whitland Neighbors

This notice contains as much information as possible about the 4th July on Whitland Avenue event which will take place beginning at 11 AM on Wednesday, the 4th of July, 2018. This is the 4i5t year of this annual fun-filled family celebration  which involves a patriotic program with speaker, a wonderful musical presentation, fellowship, & family-styled picnic. If you have never attended before, I can promise that you will not bedisappointed!

This notice also serves as a courtesy to inform you that on-street parking will beTEMPORARILY restricted in the area of Whitland Avenue on Wednesday, 4 July 2018 from approximately 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM that day. Please plan to park your vehicle in an alternate location on the event date. Any vehicles left in NO PARKING areas during the times listed above will beticketed and towed at owners' expense.

We begin setting up for this event on Tuesday, the 3rd July. Although the time is not certain, Crown Tent & Awning will be here sometime during the day (most likely afternoon) of July 3rd to install the large tent at the very small block between West End Avenue & Whitland Avenue at Carden. The tent will bethere for the duration of the event and will not be removed by the tent company until the morning of Thursday, July 5th . (see attached map please)

Blinker Ute provides us with barricades for street closures. They will be placed at West End Avenue so that no cars can enter Carden Avenue from West End where the tent is installed. There will also be barricades at the intersection of Whitland & Cantrell on the day of the event (4th July) and also at the intersection of Whitland & Craighead Avenue the day of the event. This is to insure the safety of all the guests, as the event primarily takes place between these blocks on Whitland Avenue (please refer to attached map). The Whitland barricades are removed once the site is cleaned up and everyone has safely left the event. The barricades where the large tent is located (see map) will not be removed until the tent is removed (Thursday AM, July 5, 2018).

We will have one port -a-pott y available on-site . Since this is a neighborhood event, if you see anyone in need, pleaseoffer them assistance at your home.

We employ Metro Nashville Police Department Secondary Patrol unit for security at our event. There will be two officers present at all times during the day of the event. Contact telephone number for their office is (615) 880-3278. The after-hours pager number is 615-963-0230 One of the officers on duty that day can assist you whenever needed.

Other important contact information you need here: (615) 862-8782 Tracy is with Metro Public Works who can provide more detailed information about the street closure permits issued for this event

Gordon.Rich (615) 862-8597 Gordon can provide more detailed information about the Special Event Permit issued for this event.

David Fox, 4th July Host Committee and neighbor: (615) 218-3000

Denise Hawkins, 4th July Host Committee and neighbor: (615) 298-1880 or (615) 804-7645 necer@bellsouth .net

Carol Armes 4th July Host Committee & neighbor 615-305-7497 c for texts

Bob Pitz 4th July Host Committee & neighbor 615-218-1955

Additional Comments about Parking

While this is a neighborhood event and most guests walk to the event, if you have relatives or close friends planning on attending, just make sure they are aware of the temporary street closure (barricades) on Whitland Ave. the day of the event on 4th July 2018 and our on-street parking policy during the hours of the event on the 4t h There are side streets of Leonard Avenue or Craighead Avenue where visitors may park.  But we ask that you make sure that no homeowners' driveway is blocked. Please be courteous at all times of others who live in our neighborhood. Carden & Cantrell Avenue side streets are dead-ends and are very narrow - - please do not use these streets for parking unless you reside on these st reets. We need to make sure that residents on these narrow dead-end streets have access to emergency needs should that arise and parking along these two streets makes that very, very, difficult.

In the event of an emergency, please notify oneof the hosts listed above who will be on-site and available during the days leading up to the event and the day of the event.  We will assess the  situation· and take all measures necessary to insure the absolute safety and comfort of our guests.

Thank you!  Please have a safe & happy 4th July

Posted on 06/02/2018 4:51 PM by denise


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