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National Register of Historic Places

We were officially notified today by E. Patrick McIntyre, Jr. , Executive Director and State Historic Preservation Officer for the State of Tennessee that a portion of the Whitland Area Neighborhood has been listed on the NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES effective July 24, 2007.

The application for a portion of the Whitland Area Neighborhood being considered for listing in the National Register of Historic Places went before the State Review Board on May 16, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. at the State Historic Preservation Offices on Lebanon Road. The Review Board unanimously approved our submitted application and it will now be submitted to the Keeper of the Register for listing. If you would like to read the 74 page application submitted for the Whitland Area, please click here.  It contains the 1910 plan and  descriptions of every historic home in the area. Also, to learn more about the National Register of Historic Places please go to their website:


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