Releaf Whitland

Guide to Releaf Whitland Avenue

Neighborhood Association Project

September 2020


One of the great aspects of our neighborhood are the trees.  Many have been planted since the neighborhood was formed in the early years of the 20th century but we have some that are over 150 years old.  

  But each year, we lose a number of trees due to age, storms, and other reasons.  The trees we love so dearly were planted by others who lived here before us and left a legacy in these trees.  This guide is intended to give us a tool to select and plant trees to replace those lost and maintain and improve our neighborhood for generations to come.

  How to use this guide

A map is included which shows the WANA area with red, green, and yellow lines.  The red lines show areas under power or communication lines.  The green lines show areas where medium to large trees are appropriate.  The yellow shows areas where shrubs or smaller trees can be planted.  

Look up your location to see what sizes of trees are appropriate for your yard.  Note that the tree canopy is significantly defined by larger, legacy trees near the sidewalk.  If your street frontage is clear of power or communication lines, we ask that you consider larger trees either in the median or in your yard that will shade the sidewalk and enhance our tree canopy.  Note that the branch lines that supply individual homes are not shown.  So, be sure to look at the location you plan to plant to be sure that there are no obstructions.

Sheets are provided listing and describing types of trees that are appropriate for our streets.  Large, medium and small trees are shown.  In addition, there is information from NES, Metro Nashville and other sources.  

Work with the WANA ReLeaf Committee and communications to purchase trees during years when that program is offered.

Lastly, before you dig, call 811 to have the underground utility lines marked so you don’t damage any utilities.

Guide to Releaf Whitland Avenue Neighborhood


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