The Whitland Area Neighborhood Association is an all-volunteer 501C3 organization devoted to quality of life issues of the neighborhood. Activities include, among others, fostering neighborhood identity and sense of community, crime prevention, beautification, traffic calming, and zoning issues, as well as regular meetings and social events.

The association was formed in 1980 under the leadership of the late John Walker. The group was headed for many years by the late David Bradley and dealt primarily with the Neighborhood Watch Crime Prevention program, historical marker program, creek clean-up, and neighborhood social events.

The association is organized with by-laws, a steering committee and officers. It is now a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization concerned with preserving this community and extending a warm welcome to all who move to this section of "the near west side in Metropolitan Nashville.

According to the by-laws, the neighborhood association's boundaries are "West End Avenue (on the North), Brighton Road (on the South), Bowling Avenue (on the East), and Wilson Blvd So. (on the West), although the entire length of Whitland shall also be considered to fall within the boundaries.See list of addresses for each street below. 

Membership in the association is automatic for "any adult residing, owning, or renting property in the defined area. Dues, therefore, are voluntary rather than required for membership.

The purposes of the association, as stated in the by-laws include:

  • Fostering neighborhood identity and sense of community
  • Promoting understanding among property owners, residents, government, and business interests.
  • Preserving the historic and residential quality of the neighborhood
  • Providing a means by which residents may exercise greater control over the economic, environmental, and social forces that affect the neighborhood

The main projects of the past several years have been creation and publication of a newsletter, frequent messaging via the Whitland Googlegroups Listserv, beautification and flood prevention of Kingfisher Branch Creek, traffic calming in the neighborhood, and informational meetings and social events like the annual meeting, the May Picnic by the Creek on Rolland Road, "Movies in the Dark, Easter Egg Hunt and the Halloween Party. A program to "Re-Leaf the Whitland area began in the fall of 2007 and will continue for a number of years to replenish and add to the variety of beautiful trees in our neighborhood. In August 2007, a portion of the Whitland Area Neighborhood was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Attractive new signage throughout the neighborhood was added in 2009-2010.

The association continues to grow and undertake new projects, like this website, to further the goals of the association. Every neighbor is invited to join in this effort to enhance our neighborhood by sending in voluntary dues and participating in events and committees of the association. As always, we thank you for your support!

How WANA Became a Non-Profit Organization

Carolyn LeFay Forlines wrote the following description: the Steering Committee fught the battle for several years until it learned that in order for WANA tp become and survive as a tax-exempt charity it must:

  • Not engage in comment or spend money on political campaigns or candidates as it is a conflict of interest
  • Register the name of the organization: Whitland Neiborhood Assotiation (WANA) with the federal government agency, the IRS.
  • Have by-laws in agreement with IRS regulations

The Steering Committee was lead by John Wade (deceased), formed in 1980, and  fought persistently for several years to become a tax-exempt charity. The early on workers paving the foundation for WANA were David Bradley, Sue Center, C.Fay Forlines, Denise Hawkins, Jerald Langley, David Marable, Jack Miller, Mary DeMoss, Robinson Regan, Norma Steinkerchner, Mrs. John Wade. Drew Walker, and John Walker.

List of Addresses per Street

Bowling Ave.                    83

Brighton Close                   43

Brighton Place                   9

Brighton Road                   25

Cantrell Ave.                      20

Carden Ave.                       30

Craighead Ave.                  25

Leonard Ave.                     34

Millstone Lane                  6

Peach Blossom                  8

Rolland Road                      11

South Wilson                      7

West End Ave                    199

Total                                     500 


Online Directory

The current WANA Directory is available to residents. Check the "Directory" tab for details on how to request a digital copy.